Glad Tidings Tabernacle

It's all about Jesus, here. 
Before the truth can set you free, 
you need to recognize which lie 
is holding you hostage. 



We want to extend this invitation


For you to come along

And become part of our church family

Where you feel that you belong

For you are valued by the Lord 

And He has a purpose for you,


He's placed within you special gifts, 

He longs for you to use

And we, as a church, would love to see

 You grow within your gifts,

For then we all can receive a blessing

With what God's blessed you with.


© By M.S.Lowndes


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We hope you find this site not only informative about our local church, but about our Community and the surrounding communities that make up our congregation.

Whether you live nearby, thinking of moving into the area, or you just stopped by to view our site, we hope you find something of interest to you here.

Pastor David Turner and the congregation of Glad Tidings invite you to come and worship with us.





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